As its name implies, culinary grade matcha is primarily used for cooking and baking. Its enhanced flavor-profile pairs perfectly with other ingredients in recipes, creating delicious green tea lattes, matcha smoothies, and green tea based baked goods.  

Because it is still a high-quality tea, it is also fine to drink culinary grade matcha. The flavor profile of culinary grade matcha is more robust and slightly less sweet than its ceremonial counterpart.

Includes a custom, 1 teaspoon scooper…or as we call it: “The Scoopbaah”

Baahtcha Culinary Grade is most commonly used for: 
Lattes, blended drinks, smoothies, baked goods, recipes, desserts/ice cream, and beauty/skin care treatments

  • 100% USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder
  • Sourced from where matcha originated – We chose to source our Baahtcha from a family, private farm where Buddhist monks first create matcha
  • Create Baahtcha Recipes - Baahtcha Culinary Grade is extremely versatile and is used by beginners all the way to restaurant chefs
Culinary Grade Matcha - 100G

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