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Why Does Baahtcha Arrive Using Amazon?

Baahtcha uses Amazon FBA for its logistics and fulfillment. We chose Amazon FBA because they are second to none when it comes to quickness and reliability. 

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Currently, we only ship within the United States, however Baahtcha will soon be shipping worldwide.   Please check back periodically.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

  • Standard (4-5 Days) : $2.00
  • Expedited (2 Days) : $10.65
  • Priority (1-2 Days) : $18.90

Can Everyone Drink Baahtcha Or Are There Restrictions For Some Medical Conditions?

As with all products you put into your body, you should always consult a physician if you believe a product could interact with a medication condition.  That being said, the pure and organic nature of our matcha powder ingested in healthy quantities is something that could benefit everyone.  The vast benefits can be read about on our benefits page.