"We were determined to find the highest quality matcha to bring to the health and fitness community."


“What started as conscious lifestyle change turned into a company.”

I began my professional career as an attorney with extensive law school studies in Health Law. Coffee throughout the day kept me jittery, affected my skin, had me constantly crashing, and didn’t allow me to fall asleep at night. I replaced my late day coffee with matcha and found I got an awesome boost and was also able to fall asleep at night. I soon replaced all of my coffee/energy drinks with matcha…. even my pre-workout drink! In 2015, after becoming a huge advocate of matcha, I left law full time and began trying tea from all over the globe to start Baahtcha.

5 Fast Facts About Rob


I grill almost all my meals


I just recently found out that ponies don’t turn into horses


I play the saxophone


I’ve never lived more than a couple miles from the beach


Gym sneaker of choice: Vans


“My seemingly endless pursuit to find the right energy product for me ended in 2015.”

As a computer geek and Army Ranger veteran, I have always needed a healthy energy but could never find it…until matcha. After discovering matcha from Rob in 2015, I joined forces in searching for the highest quality matcha by tasting many matchas from throughout Asia. I also serve as the tech arm of Baahtcha.

5 Fast Facts About Jason


I cut my own hair


I play in a weekly volleyball league


I have two maine coons: Kit-Kat and Catsanova aka "Kitten"


I played basketball in college


I’ve often been described as a professional snacker…yup

Photographer / Social Media / @hey.byrd

We found Robin after searching for over a year for the perfect photographer. we found that Robin’s feel and style undoubtedly stood out from the rest. As a native of San Diego, Robin lives and breathes sand, surf, health, and fitness. His vintage-coastal style takes you on a visual journey. He joined the Baahtcha team in 2018, and has truly captured the lifestyle we live and the vision we have.

5 Fast Facts About Robin


Favorite pastime when I’m not photographing: Napping


I probably spend more time in the water than on land


I have husky puppy….and he’s a handful


I haven’t been doing photography as long as many other professional photographers...but I live and breathe my craft



The Selection

In sourcing/selecting our farm, it was of utmost importance to us to not only find a high quality tea that had great taste, dissolvability and effect on our bodies, but to also stay true to the heritage of matcha tea. Matcha tea first originated in the mountains of China, so it is no coincidence that after testing many matchas from numerous countries, the mountainous region of China provided exactly what we wanted. It was also brought to our attention, after choosing our particular private, family farm, that the stone-grinding process that they employ is the most comprehensive and complete version in all of Asia. Our family farm takes pride in the matcha it produces, which can be tasted in every sip.

We hold ourselves to a higher standard

Many companies advertise that they are USDA organic, but this does not mean that they have taken all the steps to ensure that the product you’re putting into your body is of the highest quality and standards. Yes, our farm is USDA organic, but Baahtcha is also independently certified organic and on the USDA Organic Integrity Database. We voluntarily took the extra steps to obtain this certification and be on the USDA Organic Integrity Database to ensure traceability... in other words: to ensure to you, the customer, that from the point at which our matcha is cultivated until it reaches your mouth, Baahtcha’s organic integrity is NEVER compromised.


Our vision is to bring the highest quality matcha we can find to the consumer at a reasonable price that everyone can afford. To us, there is no reason that something so healthy should be hard to obtain. We are always looking for various other superfoods, vitamins, and healthy ingredients to possibly blend with Baahtcha. Should we add more products to our arsenal, we will always keep our promise to you that the quality will be top notch and the price will be affordable.

The Personal Touch

It is important to us to not create too many levels at Baahtcha. As the owners, we want to be able to always hear directly from our customers. We care about our customers as much as we care about our product. Should you ever have any questions or concerns, simply email us and we will get back to you shortly. No messaging machines, no automated systems, no gatekeepers. This, we believe, is the foundation to create an amazing group of like-minded, educated consumers to grow with.

It’s more than just Tea, it’s a mindset

Baahtcha has always been a product rooted in our passion for health and fitness. It’s not about trying to start some fitness trend, it’s about educating and introducing a quality superfood that is easily accessible to the public. It’s not just the drinking of Baahtcha, it’s the mental awareness of the lifestyle you’re choosing to live.

We’ve Shipped from Coast to Coast

From Florida to New York to California, Baahtcha has been shipped to all people in all walks of life. Whether you’re a surfer on the coast or a cyclist from the Midwest, the search for a natural, organic energy and focus does not discriminate.